31 marzo 2011

hUevocasT 290

aqui les dejo una de las mejores rolas que he escuchado de este grupo.. Nickelback .. la rola se llama "Far away" y viene incluido en el disco "All the Right Reasons"
PD. Dejen comments, siempre son importantes.

Part. Lyr:
this time, this place misused, mistakes, too long, too late, who was i to make u wait
just one chance, just one breath, just in case there's just one left, cause u know.. u know..
.. i love u, i loved u all along n' i miss u been far away for far too long i keep dreaming u'll be with me n' u'll never go, stop breathing if i don't see u anymore..
on my knees, i'll ask last chance for one last dance cause with u, i'd withstand all of hell to hold ur hand..
i'd give it all i'd give for us, give anything bu i won't give up..
so far away.. been far away for far too long.. so far away.. been far away for far too long but u know, u know..
i wanted.. i wanted u to stay cause i needed, i need to hear u say that i love u.. i have loved u all along n' i forgive u for being away for far too long so keep breathing .. cause i'm not leaving me n' never let me go..

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Anónimo dijo...

Excelente rola... excelente banda...

Espero que Mana deje de copiarles su sonido porque como Nickelback no hay dos.