03 noviembre 2010

makes me wanna pray! ::

excelente rola.. que la disfruten, recomendacion de la semana :: Christina Aguilera - Makes me Wanna Pray

part. lyr:
ohh Oh yeah Well alright..

what is this feeling coming over me? i'm taken back in disbelief .. is this really me, ha! in the mirror i see? .. staring back at me: could it be? a new reflection of a man complete!
all of a sudden i'm so care-free .. 'cause love is doing something strange to me .. got a new flame, ha! haven't been the same .. something in me's changed, rearranged n' i feel that i've been saved
u got me feeling like u're that something i've been missing .. everything's heaven 'cause life with u has been a blessing
oooh i got it bad in a serious way, oh yeah
ooooh ur love has brought me to a higher place, oh yeah

Who knew? Who knew?

it'd be u to restore my faith EVERYDAY , i'm amazed n' it makes me wanna get down n' pray
.. SAID IT! makes me wanna get down n' pray Yeah!!
i've kept some company .. i shouldn't have .. made some mistakes but that's in the past .. i'm professing here to u .. proof that i am through..
i'm coming clean .. now i can BREATH n' I finally believe, yeah!!
u got me thinking i'll be alright, n' u're the reason Ooh I can feel it! we're moving in a new direction..

Ohh.. where would i be? where would i be? without u by my side..
where would i be? where would i be? without u standing by!!

Makes me wanna PRAY!
Makes me need to PRAY!
when i'm feeling low n' all alone, u're the light in my day, yeah!!!

Wooooo! .. THANK U FATHER!
wanna lift my hands up n' pray 'cause everytime i'm hearing ur name wanna reach out and rejoice .. the sound of ur voice, yeah!!

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815 dijo...

Excelente rola y excelente letra. Me suena un poco al disco anterior de Aguilera, pero igual es una excelente rolita.


PD: Sere el unico al que le cuesta reproducir los Hc's o es mi conexion chafa la que no me deja cargar bien la pagina?